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Chicken Shaped Microwave Egg Steamer



Ready for a cute new way to cook your farm fresh eggs? Meet the safe and convenient microwave egg cooker. Boil up to four eggs at a time.  You can also use this clucking amazing egg cooker for steaming buns and dumplings.

Use Instructions:
1. Pour water in the bottom of the egg steamer to the water level.
2. Put your whole eggs in the steamer.
3. Attach the upper cover.
4. Adjust the cooking time based upon ow you like your boiled eggs.

When the microwave oven is set to 400-500W (about medium to high heat), the cooking time is as follows:
1. Full-boiled eggs take about 8 minutes
2. For softer eggs cook for about 7 minutes
3. If you like your yolks super soft, then cook for about 6 minutes

Product information:
Power (W): less than 150W
color: White
Material: PP+Aluminum
Product size: 13.5*14*14cm


Additional information

Weight 170.0 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 140 cm



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Chicken Shaped Microwave Egg Steamer